Truck tire repair

Get Your Rig Ready for Summer

Summertime can be a welcome change for some truck drivers, as it can mean more pleasant temperatures and a reprieve from slick, snowy roads. However, in some states, summer brings new concerns for your semi, which is why it’s so important to take precautions to keep you and your vehicle going all summer long.

The Basics

If temperatures having been soaring near you, there are some basics you need to cover before hitting the road. Some of these are self-explanatory, but it’s important to never skip a step.

  1. Check your tires

Tires, of course, are made of rubber, and the constant wear and tear they face combined with heat can be a recipe for disaster. When tires overheat, they can flatten or even burst. This can be very dangerous if you’re on the road, so keeping an eye on their state and temperature is crucial. Check your tire temp every 100 miles or so, and if they’re so hot that you can’t touch them, park your rig until they’re cool to prevent an accident.

  1. Check Your Coolant

Always check your coolant before hitting the road, and top it off as necessary. Keep an eye on your temperature gauge and always stop if it goes out of range. Remember to exercise caution when checking coolant as it can cause burns.

Other Summer Tips

In states with extreme heat, it’s not uncommon to face road specific obstacles, like melting asphalt or horizon distortions. Avoid driving over any shining spots as much as possible to keep your rig from sliding around too much. Don’t travel too fast in order to keep your truck as cool as possible. If you’re able too, stop every few hours to give your engine and tires a chance to cool back down before hitting the road again.

Don’t forget to stay weather alert as well. Although there isn’t a risk of blizzards in July, thunderstorms, tornadoes and even hurricanes are a big risk. Good tires and safe driving practices are key to staying safe in these instances. Always take shelter when necessary.

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